Riverbank 180 litres

This 180 litres tank was set-up to resamble a riverbank. It is housing Puntius denisonii which grow to 15 cm and this tank is their frow out aquarium. When they get bigger I will move them into a bigger tank.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Video Update

Saturday, January 1, 2011



A new update;
I did a major prunning and cut down almost all Cryptos which took over the scape. Now the fish and I can breathe again open space and all.
Denisonii barbs are growing and coloring up nicely
I moved the Yunnanilus loaches (2 males one female) to this tank which kind of suits them better. They are not hideing at all in this setup. Maybe the over hanging roots are providing the extra security.
All the fish are doing great. I placed the 2 power heads so they are creating a strong current, denisonii's favorite spot.
I added 4 Amano shrimps and 9 Corydoras panda.
I got 2 more baby Tylomelania sp Golden snails.

Some of you might know about my attempt to breed Bettas well these two are the only ones I kept, the other 3 survivors I gave to my LFS. At first I thought I had 5 females but it turned out the aggresive female got long fins proving to be a georgeous male.
I am changing water every month approx 40-50%. This tank is conditioned by Aquatan and Easy Life FFM + I add 2-3 T. catappa leaves into the tank.

Overgrown tank

The Cryptocoryne is taking over the whole scape. Time for a bit of plant pruning.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A few more pics, Pitbull Pleco and video

Above P. demasonii greeting the newly introduced LDA-25 aka Pitbull Pleco aka Parotocinclus jumbo x 4

Below; Garra flavatra are starting show off some very nice yellow color and are becoming very active.

Fish introduced

I jump started this tank with established filter media from one of my mature aquariums.

Garra flavatra 4 x

Puntius denisonii 9 x - at the moment they are only 5 cm and this tank is too small for this 15 cm fish once fully grown. This tank is for their grow out and in about a year I will move them into a bigger tank.

180 litres Riverbank (Denisonii grow out tank)

I used Back to Nature slim line backgrounds. I also used lots of rocks and some pebbles. The wood is re-used from my old scape. I planted with Echinodorus rubra and Echinodorus harbii, aslo some Cryptocoryne sp. (not sure which this is) I have to pumps; 1 x 1100 l/h 1 x 650 l/h
Lights 2 x 39 T5s